How does one find a sports sponsor?

Regardless of whether you are an athletic club or an athlete who wants to exploit yourmaximum potential in the world of sports, it’s likely that you have wondered how to get a reliable sponsor. Unfortunately, it is often not enough to be an excellent athlete and is essential to get support to help you achieve the goals of your professional career. In other words, yes, you need to have sponsors if you want to go far. But how do you get sports sponsorships? Although there is no magic formula for this, there are certain aspects to keep in mind to achieve it, the most important: don’t get discouraged! We know that the search for sponsors can be a challenge, but with these tips you will see that it can become a dream come true.

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What aspects should I consider to find a sponsor?

  1. Detail your needs

Before looking for a sponsor, you should ask yourself why you need one and what type of sponsor they should be. This way you can define your path and narrow your options.

  1. Identify your possible sponsors

Each sponsor is different and before presenting yourself to them you must identify which ones are related to your sports discipline. It is also essential that you take into account those which already have a good “history” as committed sponsors. An important aspect is to start with realistic goals, we understand the desire to be the star of the big multinationals, but you probably want to also introduce yourself to local/national businesses to get started. Remember, sometimes it’s best to start with small, solid steps.

  1. Prepare an athletic dossier

This will be your introduction to your potential sponsor. So add all your relevant, attractive, and serious information. Define your professional goals, and remember that the most important thing is to convince the companies why they should support you. Be precise, include a synopsis about yourself, your budget, participation percentages, and the type of sponsorship you need. You must practically answer the question: Why should we choose you?

  1. What do you offer in return?

Answering this question will also help specify the benefits which companies would gain from becoming your sponsor. Try to develop these advantages to include the spread of the brand’s name, presence in the media or social networks, networking with other companies, as well as the issue of image rights. In other words, sponsors will want to know how you will give them more audience/visibility with sponsorship and how this will increase their sales.

  1. Contact brands

Once you have specified which companies interest you and detailed the previous points, now is the time to go for them! Research the way to contact your sponsor, either through mail, phone call, or even by going to their offices to bring them your dossier and follow up on the process. The most important thing is to not give up. If you don’t get a response for a while, contact them again to check the status of your process. Be perservering, the market is very competitive, so never doubt your sports skills, rather focus on constant improvement and your talent will end up standing out from others.

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Achieve your sponsorship dreams

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