Rafael Nadal and his favorite brand

In this articule we talk about one of the tennis players who has made the most Grand Slams throughout history: Rafael Nadal. After becoming succesful, it can be easy to think that all brands will follow. But only one brand has remained “faithful’ to Rafael Nadal since 1999. Do you know which it is?

Marketers recognize very well the potential behind sports figures to attract great benefits for sports brands. Why? Because it is not only about sharing the love for sports, but also companies seek to be part of the sphere that this industry symoblizes.

Rafael Nadal does not depend on sponsorship

It is likely that some people have questioned this, however, we must emphasize that Nadal is not only a great athlete, but also does not owe anything to brands; on the contrary, he is the one giving them the opportunity to sponsor. 

So there is no doubt that Rafael Nadal would have survived his career with his titles alone, without the need for any sponsor. But he understood that his image with brands could create stronger connections with his followers. This vision allowed brands the opportunity to grow alongside the athlete with each of their moments. 

If we take a look at the beginnings of Rafael Nadal’s career, we will find the brand that has gone hand in hand with him along the way: Nike. This brand has sponsored Nadal since he was 13 years old, and was with him when he won his first ATP at only 15 years old.

Source: Pexels

The true relationship between Sponsors

Another sponsor that joined the tennis player’s sponsorship in 2021 was Amstel. And there’s a reason, Nadal was considered the highest-paid tennis player of the entire decade. This provoked criticism of why he did not accept more advertising offers. All professionals know that sponsorship must be directly related to results, and with Nadal the opposite happens, he offers more return to his investors than the value he receives.

To be a great athlete, you need much more intrinsic motivation than extrinsic. Obviously this does not mean that he has not been showered with advertising offers, but if anything distinguishes Rafael Nadal it is his passion for what he does and not for what he is paid. 

An athlete always has to be in constant training to carry out their full potential, giving their heart in each competition, if these values are lost, it is likely that the athlete’s career will fail. In addition, these are aspects that brands consider when approaching athletes. 

To Nike, Nadal’s passion and dedication for the sport was clear and so natural that they could not let him go and stayed with him since he was 13 years old. We must remember that the brand is not only a logo for the successes of the athlete, but must also share ideals and an audience. 

Advertising must be a real commitment

Real life also revolves around societies which share characteristics to create ties between themselves. At Sponsify, we are passionate about sports but also recognize the needs of the industry as well as the dilemma of sports investments. We analyze and offer the options with the best ROI you have seen without complicating your life. You just get to enjoy doing what you love and so do we. This creates strong and like-minded relationships. Just like Rafael Nadal and Nike have. 

Do you like the idea of us being a part of your team? Contact us for more information. We will be delighted to assist you.

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