Sports sponsorship and each of its types

We understand that one of the desires within the life of any athlete is to find sponsorship in order to fully exploit their sporting potential And this is usually achieved by having at hand the best partners or brands that believe in you. But it’s also important to remember that one of the first steps to getting sponsors is to know your needs as an athlete and recognize the different types of sponsors that exist. This way you can determine which one best matches your interests.

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What are the types of sponsorship out there?

  1. Economic Sponsorship

Probably the most common type of help. This is sponsorship which provides a type of monetary assistance to boost the perception, development, and visibility of the athlete, in exchange for the brand being shown on clothing articles (shirts, pants, socks, etc.) or endorsements as part of the sponsorship deal.

  1. Material

This type of sponsor is one which, as its name expresses, provides material or equipment instead of resources or money. For example: balls, shoes, rackets, etc.

  1. Media sponsorship

Surely from the name you already understand the idea, and yes, this is precisely about providing support through the media, by disseminating and providing advertisement for the new athlete, including their information sheet and an agreed coverage to reach a wide base of spectators.

  1. Nominative sponsorship

You must have heard of events like “Liga Santander,” bringing to mind one of the most famous banks. If so, you can see by this that the effect of this type of sponsorship pays off, and the nominative type of sponsorship gives the brand or the company the opportunity to assign its name to an event or even a stadium in exchange for a certain type of help.

  1. Personal advertising

This type of sponsorship includes not only the purpose of sponsorship, but also complements aspects that show the personal and human facets of the athlete. In other words, it is one which represents a public image to appeal to a certain type of viewer.

With these five types of sponsorship, you can find the one that best matches your needs and which would undoubtably help boost the requirements of your career.

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